■ (7/6up SnowNews) Shimpei Shimoda SHREDIT

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Shimpei Shimoda SHREDIT


■10 Questions for Shimpei Shimoda■

■1・Where do you snowboard? Where could we go to meet you?
A・All over. I try to snowboard everywhere I want to go, as much as
possible. Even my local hill. There, and the Burton Outlet Store in
Gotemba.( どこでも。滑りたい所は可能な限り滑ります。近所のスキー場も。あとBurton Outlet Store Gotemba)

■2・What are you in to now? (今はまってるもの?)

■3.Where do you get your unique fashion sense from? (個性的なファッション.スタイルはどこから来るの??)
A・I don’t really thing it is unique…no sure really. Kind of just
inspiration from a variety of things I think are cool.

■4. What is WARU? (WARUとは?)
A・It is a project I am going with Muga. Right now it is just a name,
no “team” or productions going on, and no real rules either.

■5.About Japanese snowboards, (日本のSnowboradについて)
A・Galapagos Snowboarding.
I think Japanese snowboarding has evolved too much in its own way.
Even though I am Japanese and a Japanese snowboarder, I personally
don’t really like it.

■6. What are your future plans? (今後の活動は?)
A・That is a secret, or maybe just not decided yet. But rest assured I
only do things that are fun! I hope that even when I work I am able to
do a job that I find enjoyable.

■7.What do you think about when you snowboard?( 滑る時は何を考えているの?)
A・About being myself. (自分らしく。)

■8.What do you do when you are not snowboarding? (休みは何してる?)
A・Go for walks, sleep, you know. Recently I have started creating my
own videos. I haven’t crated the main story yet, but I am looking
forward to how it will turn out. You can see the video preview here.
(散策したり、寝てたり。最近は動画編集。本編はまだ制作していませんが、自分でも楽しみです。 ”PIGEON”)

■9.Tell us something you recently thought was just crazy.( コレはヤバイな~って思った最近の出来事)
A・Taisei Nakagawa ”ST-B’s”skateboarding.

■10.Any last words?(最後に一言)
A・I just want to say thank you to FTRMag for his SHREDIT
interviw.( FTRmagさん、SHREDITインタビューありがとうございました。)

pigeon & Mr.ぴ… the best shop in japan. thanks for the inspiration.

Some feel his style is bizzar or outragous, but these opinions just
prove that he has nothing to do with the tight fitting Japanese
snowboard scene. Being influenced and stimulated by fashion, music,
art and everything else is what his style is.

By watching him snowboard I am reminded that snowboarding is not only
about riding and having fun, but a collection of directional movement.

(彼のスタイルは奇抜だとか、変わっているとか言う意見がある。しかし、その意見は、細身が流行っている日本Snow sceneとは関係ない事を証明している。

■Shimpei Shimoda
■translate by Jason