■ (2/7up SnowNews) Boxes For Days 2011 in japan

■ Luxury Collection by NIXON ■

Welcome to the Think Thanks Crew

More dope footage of the Think Thanks Crew and more throwing down in hakuba sanosaka last week.

Pro American snowboarders from Think Thank films. Including Lib Tech’s Jesse Burtner and Ted Borland, Dinosaurs Will Die’s Sean Genovese and Chris Larson, and Ride’s Austin Hironaka and Sam Hulbert

This is just funny, watch the Picture!!


yu-ya akada 15 years old!!


mike yoshida

yusaku holii

Ted Borland

Austin Hironaka

Sean Genovese

Are you Mike?

Gotten a sticker

she cleared the box,Congrats!!

HPC and the“P” crewand yusaku came from the Kansai

I request to come back to Japan ”Think Thanks Crew”

all photo by jason-halayko and FTR.mag
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